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Birds Korea's Archived Bird News

The Birds Korea website was first set up in early 2002, and one of our long-term aims has been to help provide best information on the status of birds in the Republic of Korea (and where possible, in the wider region too).

Over the years, thanks to the generosity of contributors, we have been able to build an archive now containing more than a decade's worth of "Latest Bird News".  And sightings such as these, along with trip reports and images kindly shared by our members and by visiting birders, have indeed helped to improve greatly our understanding of bird status. Reports contained in the archives below have also helped us to provide several high-quality, resources for website visitors, including Year Reviews, our Checklist (most recently updated in 2013) and our Gallery.

So sincere thanks once more from Birds Korea to all contributors to the Latest Bird News pages - for contributions already made and for contributions to be made in the future!