Korean Trip Reports

We are putting trip reports from our own tours and from those of overseas visitors here. If you have a trip report that you would be willing to add to these pages, enabling us to get a clearer picture of bird distribution and numbers, please send your report to us or email us at birdnews@birdskorea.org.


Ignacio Torres
October 22 - November 6-7 2014

Philippe Malenfert
April 26 - May 9 2013

Jens Thalund
January 20-28 2013

Martin Sutherland & Kim Sona
December 12 2011 - January 10 2012

'Team Zoo-Lu Leipzig'
January 17 - 29 2010

Jens Thalund
April 20 - May 1 2009

Team Norway
October 14 - 22 2008

Aurélien Audevard Heuksando
April 21 - May 3 2008

AviFauna Tour 2008
Anders Blomdahl

Edwin and Peter Collaerts
January 03 - 19 2004

Martin Sutherland & Kim Sona
March 28 - April 03 2003

Gary and Marlene Babic
February 17-19 2003

Jan van Steenis
Summer 2002

"Sunbird" Tour
December 2002, Andy Stoddart

Wilton Farrelly
Spring 2002

"Sunbird" Tour
December 2001

Steve Couri, documentary maker

"I recently produced a documentary for BBC World on the destruction of Korean wetlands and the plight of migratory bird species in Korea.

Without Nials' intimate knowledge, the film would not have been possible. He is driven by a deep compassion rarely seen amongst the average conservationist.

I'm sure that in touring with Nial, the enthusiastic birder will be guaranteed many interesting sightings- from the buzz of spotting rare species ( I was shown a Spoon-billed Sandpiper on my 2nd day!) to the quiet majesty of huge flocks on the wing.

I thoroughly recommend Nial as a guide and authority to anyone who intends to see the wonderful birdlife of Korea."

Martha Walsh-McGehee, President - Island Conservation Effort, Saba, Netherlands Antilles.

"I could not have enjoyed the trip more (well, maybe except for that darned Ruddy Kingfisher) nor could I have had a better guide...Thank you for an absolutely wonderful time. I saw such wonderful birds and really enjoyed getting to know you and Sunshine (Kim Su-Kyung). I am looking forward to a winter visit!"

Wilton Farrelly, Northern Ireland.

"It is difficult to see how you could manage to survive in Korea without someone local who can arrange logistics, accommodation and travel etc. Even getting food is difficult. Very little English is spoken and visiting a country with a totally different culture is not easy. Nial Moores has lived in Korea for 4 years and should be contacted if you are thinking about visiting. ...(he) has an unequalled knowledge of local birds and (his) identification skills in the field are superb."

Alan Davies, Weymouth, UK.

"Nial really is a superb birder, and it's hard to imagine how a trip to Korea can be really successful without him..."

Gary Babic, US birder based in Singapore.

"Having Nial was invaluable as he reads and speaks Korean, as well as knows the latest sites for the specialties. He is also a very nice guy with a thorough knowledge of the birds. I thought this brief trip gave us a great mix of "good" birds. ..Prices are well below Japan. Staying in a "love hotel" is also an interesting experience..."

Frederik Willemyns, Belgium.

"I would like to thank you again for the enjoyable days we spent together. The birding was great as was your company. Thank you for everything."

Tim Edelsten, USA/Korea (August 2003)

"Just to say thanks very much for a great guided tour, it was truly wonderful! I guess the seawatching on the ferry back was the most exciting bit but really it was all good, and undoubtedly the most stimulating thing I've done in Korea so far."

Mike Todd, USA (Spring Tour 2004)

"The tour was absolutely fabulous in all respects. Our total trip list was around 230 species, of which I saw 220 and photographed well over half. Nial is a world-class birder and a world-class guide."

Jon Mercer, UK (Spring Tour 2004)

"What an amazingly successful trip! All those eastern birds in 2 weeks. Thanks again for your brilliant guiding."

Kirsten Kraetzel, Germany (Spring Tour 2004)

"I highly respect your engagement in South Korea and wish you all and only the very best to continue your work successfully."

Kara Lewantowicz & Ryan Hurtado, Colorado, USA (2004)

"While visiting family in Seoul, we had the opportunity to go on a 2-day guided birding trip led by Nial. He organized the logistics and carefully outlined costs ahead of time. The birding was exceptional and being able to tour S. Korea's countryside was a nice addition to the trip. Nial is a comedic fellow with a huge knowledge base of birds in the region. We hope to visit S. Korea again and embark on one of his guided tours. I would highly recommend his guiding services to any birder visiting the region."