As a small and independent conservation organisation, Birds Korea depends entirely on you, our members and supporters, to continue our work.

We welcome all donations, no matter how small (or large!), either for specific projects (such as development of The Blueprint), or for more general use, in building up our capacity.


Donations can be made in person at our office, or by bank transfer, to:

Account Number: 563401-01-117087, Kookmin Bank
Account Name: Park Sun-Ae (Birds Korea)
Swift Code: CZNBKRSE

We are honoured to post details of donors and donations on our websites, and are also very happy to respect privacy if such donations are made anonymously.
In 2010, we would like to thank the following for their kind donations to Birds Korea and our work:
  • The Rufford Small Grants for Nature Conservation, who in March confirmed their extremely welcome and essential support for the development of The Birds Korea Blueprint.

    The Rufford Small Grants for Nature Conservation (at: support hundreds of projects around the world. This is the second grant they have provided for conservation of the avian biodiversity in the Yellow Sea.

    Please visit their excellent website for more information on the Grants and the projects which these grants support.

  • Students in The Green Club at the Seoul International School, for their extremely kind donation of 500,000 Korean Won in June towards research costs for The Blueprint.

  • Professor Robin Newlin for a very kind donation of 300,000 Korean Won in May towards field-work for The Blueprint.

  • Mr. Steve Rodan who raised 150 USD for Birds Korea during a Big Day birdwatch in May centred around Cape May in the USA. The money raised will go towards costs for mapping of inter-tidal area for The Blueprint.

In 2009, we would like to thank the following for their kind donations to Birds Korea and our work:
  • The Queensland Wader Study Group is a special interest group of the Queensland Ornithological Society Inc., with the object to promote and participate in the study and conservation of waders and their habitats and to influence government policy and public opinion for the well-being of waders.

    After several QWSG's members traveled to the ROK to participate in the SSMP (for which also many thanks!) , the Queensland Wader Study Group, with fantastic generosity donated 11,000 AUS D of essential funding to Birds Korea at the end of 2008/start of 2009, for our use in producing shorebird conservation related materials and to support shorebird survey work and capacity building. Our deepest thanks for this, our largest donation to date.

  • An International Member in the UK who wishes to remain anonymous and who (despite the frustrating difficulty of international transfers) donated a most generous 770,000 Korean Won received at the beginning of January.

  • Professor John Preece, who most generously donated 1 million Korean Won in June, for conservation work relating to the Mokpo Urban Wetland, and for the production of the 2009 Korean language summer newsletter.

  • Mr. Armin Scheider, who kindly donated time and energy to the Birds Korea winter survey in January 2009, and further donated 450,000 Korean Won in July to support our work.

In 2008, we would like to thank the following for their kind donations to Birds Korea and our work:
  • AviFauna is the Swedish travel agency for birdwatchers that arranges birdwatching-trips to countries all over the world. AviFauna visited South Korea first in February 2006 (when they very generously donated 600,000 Won to Birds Korea and the Saemangeum Shorebird Monitoring Program, see: Birdnews February 2006) and for the second time, in February 2008. This year AviFauna has very kindly donated a tremendous 1, 300,000 Won “to help support [Birds Korea's] hard work in protecting and conserving both birds and their natural habitats in South Korea.” (For more on AviFauna and their Korean tour, please go to: AviFauna: South Korea 11-23 February 2008). Our deepest thanks, again, to all at AviFauna!

  • Charlie Moores and the Peter Mowday Conservation Fund: 850 UK Pounds (received on April 1st). As the producer of a superb conservation-driven video on the Birds of Korea (in 2001), as one of the original cofounders of Birds Korea (2004), and as the manager ("spinner") of the English-language website from its launch until 2007, Charlie Moores has already made an enormous contribution to our organisation and to the conservation of birds and their habitats in South Korea and the wider Yellow Sea Ecoregion, for which we thank him deeply. A further, extremely generous donation to Birds Korea, through the Peter Mowday Conservation Fund that Charlie Moores has established, will now help greatly in supporting the work of the Saemangeum Shorebird Monitoring Program in 2008. For more details on the Peter Mowday Conservation Fund and how to donate to it, please go to:

    The Peter Mowday Conservation Fund

  • The David and Lucile Packard Foundation. This Foundation has provided two very substantial grants to The Australasian Wader Studies Group, our partners in the Saemangeum Shorebird Monitoring Program (SSMP), for this program, both in 2006, and again in 2007 (to cover SSMP 2007 and SSMP 2008). Through these two major grants, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation has enabled all three years of the fieldwork of the SSMP, as well as supporting much of the report production. Birds Korea remains extremely grateful: to the Foundation, to Burr Heneman (who helped with the grant process) and to the AWSG.

  • Mr. Hong Chang Hoon, for 100,000 Won kindly donated in January.

  • An anonymous donor/interational member in the UK, who kindly donated 50 UK pounds in February.

  • Mr. Ed. Keeble, our formal advisor on international environmental law, for a further outstandingly generous donation of 3,048,500 Won received in March, for use especially for the Supplementary Shorebird Survey, entailing counts of shorebirds and assessment of their habitats along the west and south coasts of South Korea, between May 3rd and May 15th.

  • Mr. Kim Jong-Min, for 100,000 Won kindly donated in March.

  • Mr. Choi Young-Min, for 100,000 Won kindly donated in March.

  • Mr. David Edwards, Birds Korea volunteer, who kindly donated teaching time equivalent to 200,000 Korean Won.

  • To an anonymous donor (and life-time member) who very kindly donated 300,000 Won towards the SSMP in April.

In 2007, we would like to thank the following for their kind donations to Birds Korea and our work:
  • Dr. David Seay and Mr. Ed Keeble, who together contributed significantly to the Saemangeum Shorebird Monitoring Program (in both 2006 and 2007);

  • Rockjumper Birding Tours (, who donated 1000 USD to Birds Korea in January 2007;

  • An anonymous donor in Korea, who donated 2 million Korean won, in summer 2007.