Members and Supporters

There are almost 10,000 non-government organisations (NGO) in the ROK, each with their own strengths and way of working.

Birds Korea is a small, legally-registered non-governmental organisation dedicated to the conservation of birds and their habitats in Korea and the Yellow Sea Eco-region. Based in Busan, Birds Korea presently has several hundred members and supporters throughout the country and in many overseas nations. We are non-political and strive for honesty and consistency in all that we do.

Our membership is diverse, in age, experience and nationality. Most of our paying members are not (yet) birdwatchers. More importantly, all care for our shared natural environment and trust our organisation to do the best we can for the nation’s birds and habitats.

All of the work of Birds Korea depends on membership fees, donations, and on other forms of financial and technical support. Examples of our work can be found here and here.

We welcome new members of good mind. While many of our members are happy simply to support our work financially, we also greatly appreciate active members who would like:

  1. To help with organising events and fund-raising;

  2. To post relevant conservation news items on our Forum or blog or who would like to help with the running of our online media;

  3. To help with research or education programs;

  4. To help with translation (especially Korean-English and English-Korean, but also those with skills in other languages of the region);

  5. To share their specialist knowledge or time and energy.

If Birds Korea is not the organisation for you, please do try to support other environmental or conservation organisations. Many are doing excellent work, and all will welcome your support!