How about helping Birds Korea to raise funds?


As an independent non-profit organisation, in 2008 we need an additional minimum:

  1. 10,000 USD equivalent for a coastal survey in April and May;

  2. 5,000 USD equivalent to cover office and website costs;

  3. 20,000 USD equivalent to cover the salary needs of new staff;

  4. 15,000 USD equivalent for emergency surveys and response (from oil spills to outbreaks of H5N1 Poultry Flu).


We are always looking for innovative and exciting ways to raise funds like these for our conservation work… Please send us your ideas, and tell us how we can help you to raise funds.

In the past two years, you, our members, have helped us to raise funds through a Big Day Birdwatch for Saemangeum and by sales of specially-designed Scaly-sided Merganser T-shirts (still for sale, at only 15,000 Korean Won plus post and package for members).

A growing list of new fund-raising suggestions for 2008 already include: a year-long birdwatching event, attendance (and a stall) at the British Bird-Fair, a bird photo exhibition in Seoul, and a sky-dive in Scotland…We will be posting ways that you can help turn these ideas into reality, here on this page.

Thank you for all you do to support our work. Conserving birds and their habitats in Korea and the Yellow Sea Eco-region - Together, we really can be the difference!