Nature reserves

As the national debate on "wise use of wetlands" increases, Birds Korea is taking a leading role in exporting and importing into Korea best information on bird and habitat conservation. Our unique structure (with both domestic and international membership, now from over 30 nations) means that we can play, and should play, an especially important role in promoting "best use" and "best design" examples from around the world.

The following UK nature reserves are introduced by Martin Sutherland (professional environmental consultant, specialising in waterbirds) and Ed Keeble (Birds Korea Advisor, and practising environmental lawyer), to help inform the debate. We have also posted an introduction to the Miranda Naturalist's Trust Centre in New Zealand (click here)

If you have images and opinions on wetland reserves and wetland reserves that you would like to share, please send them to us for posting!

Nature reserves in the UK

The general principle of UK nature reserves is to protect scarce and vulnerable species. This, in effect, ensures that habitats are protected for the benefit of a whole suite of species of all groups which inhabit them. There is normally a bias towards birds because these are more easily observed than other faunal groups and, if the bird community is healthy and diverse, it normally follows that the whole local ecosystem is relatively healthy.

Public access is also an important aspect and, ideally, this is enabled in a manner which is as sensitive and unobtrusive as possible. Nature reserves are there to be enjoyed by all, from experienced birdwatchers to beginners and also for those who just want a pleasant walk in a relatively natural and peaceful location.

Arundel Wetland Centre

Dungeness, Kent

Farlington Marshes, Hampshire

Fowlmead, Kent

Langstone Harbour

Oare Marshes, Kent

Rainham Marshes, Essex

Samphire Hoe, Kent

Sandwich Bay, Kent

Sandwich and Pegwell Bay, Kent

Stanford Marshes, Essex

Stodmarsh, Kent

Titchwell, Norfolk &
Minsmere, Suffolk

Two Tree Island, Essex

Washington Wetland Centre

Woolbeding Common
Freiston Shore, Lincolnshire
Nature reserves in Germany

Bislicher Insel

Rieselfelder Muenster
Nature reserves in France

Le platier d'Oye