Oriental Bird Club, August 21 2003

Dear Mr Han

I was most grateful to you for accepting my letter (19 August 2003) to your ambassador and Minister Dr Yoon expressing the concern of the Oriental Bird Club over the Saemangeum Reclamation Project.

Would you be so kind as to confirm to me that you have now forwarded this letter, and those of my colleagues from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, BirdLife International and Friends of the Earth (UK), to His Excellency Mr Lee and to Minister Yoon? I would be greatly obliged to know that this has happened. I would stress to you again that these letters should be seen by the two gentlemen, and considered by your government, before 25 August, and therefore this essentially means that they need to reach the appropriate hands by early tomorrow at the latest. Thank you!

For your information, my letter has been posted on the Oriental Bird Club website, with a short account of the circumstance which led to our meeting with you on Tuesday. You can view this by going to www.orientalbirdclub.org, clicking on Club News, reading the brief explanation, and clicking on "here" at the end of it. Unfortunately when this letter was posted the bold coding for the threatened species was lost, but this will be replaced shortly.

Thank you again for your kindness in receiving me, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Dr N. J. Collar
Chairman, Oriental Bird Club