Plans for holding International Conference on Saemangeum and Environment

The negative cost of the Saemangeum reclamation (including water pollution, loss of livelihood, and a massive decline in shorebirds) were long predicted. The science remains clear. There is an urgent need to open the sea-gates fully and to restore tidal flow. In the spirit of the Changwon declaration (Ramsar resolution X.03) we urge all participants to this meeting (program below) to “Stop our Wetlands from being Degraded and Lost!” and restore the Saemangeum estuarine system.

1. Background and purpose

For the ecological sites in the Saemangeum project area, only the ways of utilizing the sites have been suggested without details such as specific facilities and locations, and the shape, location and area will be confirmed according to the result of the design of a so-called "Premium Multi-functional City" after comprehensive reviews and complementation by the Ministry of Environment.

It is necessary to create the ecological sites to be included in the Basic Plans and Comprehensive Action Plans on the Development of Saemangeum (Office of Prime Minister, scheduled to be confirmed in Dec. 2009).

Accordingly, by holding an international conference where the world’s renowned experts participate, the ministry will reflect their expertise and various experiences in measures for improving water quality of Saemangeum and creating ecological sites.

In addition, by engaging in publicity activities on the value of the Saemanguem project and its future, inviting major investment institutions and related companies at home and abroad, the ministry aims to successfully attract foreign investment capital and to spread a positive attitude.

* See the brochure on development of Saemangeum (English) in the Notice section on the website of the Saemangeum Development Committee. (

2. Specifications

  • General Information

    • Event : International Conference on Saemangeum and Environment
    • Time/Venue: November 19 (Th)~20 (Fri), 2009 / Renaissance Hotel, Seoul, Korea
    • Hosted By : Ministry of Environment
    • Sponshored By: Prime Minister’s Office of Korea & Jeonbuk Provincial Government
    • Patricipants: Approximately 300 participants (Experts from home and abroad, Chambers of Commerce in Korea, Companies, Media, Saemangeum Committee Members, Government Officials etc.)
    • Special Guests
      • Domestic Guests : Prime Minister of Korea, Governor of Jeonbuk Provincial Government, Members of Saemangeum Committee, Members of Saemangeum Environmental Forum Committee, etc.
      • International Guests : Undecided
  • Program

    • Official Events (Day 1) : Opening Ceremony, Welcome Breakfast & Dinner
    • Conference (Day 1) : Conference & Forum on Ecological Sited
    • (Day 2) : Site visit of Saemangeum
  • Major Topics

    • Saemangeum Future Vision & Development Strategies, Presenting Major Projects
    • Presenting experiences & strategies for ecology creation on reclaimed lands
    • Presentations on oversea’s case studies of ecology creation such as artificial wetland
    • Measures to vitalize eco-tourism and ecology creation in Saemangeum area
    • Discussion : Vision & Development Strategies for Saemangeum Ecological Sites

Attachment International Conference Itinerary

Day 1 (Nov 19) Program Details

09:30~10:00Registration (30 min) 
Opening Ceremony [MC(Director General of Water Environment Management Breau)]
(15 min)
○ Welcoming Remarks (5 min)Minister of Environment
○ Congratulatory Remarks (5 min)Governor of Jeonbuk
○ Encouragement Speech (5 min)Prime Minister
10:15~10:20Intermission (5 min) 
Part 1 : Future Image of Saemangeum 
(40 min)
○ Basic Plan for Saemangeum & Comprehensive Action Plans (20 min)Prime Minister's Office
○ Future Image of Saemangeum
(20 min)
To be determined
Part 2 : Oversea's 
11:00~12:00 (60 min)○ Restoration ways for mankind & nature to coexist (20 min)
우스트바더스프라젠, 비스보쉬 National Park, etc.
Dr. Jielis van Baalen
○ Ecology creation on the coastal area of Austrailia such as coastal wetland (20 min)Dr. William. Glamore
○ Establishing Cooperation Mechanism for Ecology Creation and Governance (20 min)
- Ecology creation and London wetland case of the UK
Martin Spray
12:00~14:00Welcoming Breakfast (hosted by Minister of Environment)
Part 3 : Planning Ecological Tourism on Environmental Sites 
(40 min)
○ Wetland restoration and eco tourism (20 min)Ralf Buckley
○ Ways to vitalize Private investment on ecological sites and its possibilities (20 min)To be determined
Part 4: Discussion (Vision and Development Strategy for Saemangeum Ecological Sites)Forum on Saemangeum Ecological Sites will be held in parallel
(120 min)
○ Discussion Chair (1)
- Discussion Panels (apprx. 7)
Academia (3), Relevant Institutes (3), Industry (1)
18:00~20:00Welcoming Dinner 
※ Presenter and discussion panels are tentative

Day 1 (Nov.19, 15:00~17:20) Detailed Program for Forum on Saemangeum Ecological Sites

15:00 ~ 15:05○ Opening Remarks (5 min)Director General of Water Environment Management Bureau
15:05 ~ 15:30○ Presenting Agenda
- Basic Plans for Saemangeum Ecological Sites (25 min)
Dr. Bang Sang-Won, KEI
15:30 ~ 17:20○ Discussion (110 min) 
17:20○ Closing Ceremony 

Day 2 (Nov.20, 09:00~19:30) Site visit of Saemangeum

09:00 ~ 09:20 (20 min)Departure preparation 청사
09:20 ~ 12:40 (200 min)Transfer (Seoul → Saemangeum) 
12:40 ~ 13:40 (60 min)Lunch 
13:40 ~ 15:10 (90 min)Locus visit (새만금홍보관, 신지전망대 등) 
15:10 ~ 18:30 (200 min)Transfer (Saemangeum → Seoul)