Request for Information:
Ruddy Shelduck Tadorna ferruginea sightings
Ruddy Shelducks, Ganghwa

In 1999, "Goose, Swan and Duck Study Group of Northern Eurasia" launched the long-term Project “Investigation of Dynamics of the Numbers and Range of the Ruddy Shelduck Tadorna ferruginea in the 20th century”. The Project is still under implementation. We would highly appreciate cooperation with everybody studying the species or possessing any data on its occasional observations (expert ornithologists as well as birdwatchers).

If you have any data on the Ruddy Shelduck, please, fill in the questionnaire below and return it to:

Anastasia Popovkina,
Project Coordinator
Dept. Vertebrate Zoology, Biol. Faculty,
Moscow State University,
Moscow 119992 Russia
tel. (095) 939 2757; fax (095) 952 3007
e-mail: nastya (at)


  1. Surveyed area (as detailed as possible: landscape and vegetation description, approximate area, borders; maps are desirable)

  2. Dates and time of survey.

  3. Means of survey (aerial, from water, terrestrial, etc.).

  4. Bird numbers (for males, females, and young birds (pull., juv., subad.) separately, if such data is available).

  5. Bird status (nesting, wintering, migrating, moulting, etc.).

  6. Ringing (its time, the number of ringed birds, known ring recoveries – if Ruddy Shelducks have been ever ringed in the surveyed area).

If you have any data referring to the previous years, please note changes in the birds' numbers and distribution.

Any additional information (on reproductive biology, behaviour, etc.) is also of great value.

You are welcome to submit a paper on this item to “Casarca”, the Journal of the Goose, Swan and Duck Study Group of Northern Eurasia (in English or in Russian, volume is unlimited).

Thank you for cooperation!

Anastasia Popovkina,
Project Coordinator
nastya (at)

Alternatively, please send details of any sightings to birdnews (at) and we will be happy to pass the information on.